Alyson was instrumental in taking our operation to the next.  She deeply cares about our business and the success of our team.  We have reduced the SKU assortment in key categories like Edibles, and doubled our sales.  We turned an underperforming dispensary into an outperformer.  Alyson has taken on a leadership role within our team and is responsible for leading changes to overall strategy.

Joey, Owner
Louisville/Lakewood, CO

Alyson built a complex pro forma for our client in support of raising capital. It included forecasts for five profit centers and multiple product lines, as well as the consolidation. The model allowed the client to perform sensitivity analysis and produced the financial metrics investors want to see. The quality and sophistication of the pro forma contributed a lot to the growth plan credibility during the capital raise.

Jerry, Managing Partner

We have peace of mind knowing that Alyson is digging into the numbers, conducting weekly business reviews and holding our teams accountable. We rely on Alyson to understand what’s working and what isn’t and make recommendations that will increase our cash flow. Our experience working with Alyson has been dynamite! 

Chad & Gary, Owners
Boulder, CO

Prior to working with Alyson we were flying blind.  She helped us make better business decisions based on data for things like understanding what and how much to buy, how much to mark-up and mark-down product, which promotions to run or which vendors to carry.  She also helped us raise needed capital to support our continued growth.  Alyson’s focus is always on maximizing cash flow.

Misha, Owner
San Francisco, CA

Clear insight and analysis paired with in-depth forecasting have completely changed our business. Having Alyson’s guidance, our leadership team feels empowered to make data-driven decisions that have a real impact on our bottom line. The way she is able to cut through the fog and give our team a competitive edge in a rapidly changing market is invaluable. I wouldn’t be able to do my job as efficiently or successfully without her!

Martha, Store Manager
Louisville, CO

Alyson created an easy-to-use tool that allows us to understand how our strains and harvests are performing, based on data.  We utilize this tool to plan out our rooms so we are achieving the highest yields possible.  Looking at data in this format has been eye-opening. 

Head Growers
Boulder, CO

Alyson created a customized, in-depth ProForma model that allowed us to “talk” to potential investors in a language they understood.  The model was very easy to update so I could reflect changes that invariably cropped up.  Alyson always exceeds our expectations and her work is completed on schedule 100% of the time.

Ignacio Soria, CEO/Co-Founder

Since working with Alyson, we have seen consistent growth using her analytical approach to our data. Alyson uses her experience in traditional retail businesses and applies that to the specific nuances of the cannabis industry and makes recommendations in a straightforward and navigable manner. Additionally, she is an accomplished communicator and her ability to lead discussions allows for growth and collaboration in a business setting. I would gladly recommend her services to any cannabis operation that is seeking to fine-tune their procedures to promote the development of their business.

Max, Store Manager
Boulder, CO