We create proprietary analytical tools, audit reports, financial models, dashboards, custom inventory and merchandise plans, open to buy plans, sales and cash flow projections.

We also help the growers achieve higher overall yields through our easy-to-use room planner tool. We provide tracking and reporting to illustrate exactly which strains, rooms and harvests are yielding the most (or worst).

After we pinpoint the key performance indicators in all business units, we meet to discuss our recommendations on actions to take – where you’re making money and where you’re not, looking at ways to cut losses, set pricing and identify where to allocate future spend for optimal ROI, gross profit, and sales growth.

Formalized business reviews focus on areas to grow sales, grow selling margin, reduce inventory investment (and of course stress)

Business Health Check

Gives the Owner a clear understanding of what is helping or hurting the business.  The Owner will walk away with 3-5 specific action items that will increase sales and selling margin, or reduce inventory investment. Improvements in inventory management will translate to greater cash flow and peace-of-mind.

The Business Health Check will cover:

Buy plan (open-to-buy), by category, by month

Customized Pro-Forma for dispensaries or cultivation facilities

The creation of a Pro Forma model will allow the client to:


Customized dashboards and tools

Proprietary item level planning tool

Daily sales goals

Creative promotion plan that reduces the negative margin impact of unproductive inventory