About Us

Retail is a blend of Art & Science
Our Expertise is ‘The Science Behind Retail Success’
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Our Story

Cannabis Retail Advisors specializes in growing cash flow and creating peace of mind for Owners of cannabis businesses.
Our goal has always been to provide an easy to grasp analytical picture so key players can make better business decisions based on data.
We have yet to work with a cannabis business we haven't been able to help in a significant way. We WILL find a way to grow your cash position.
  • In this fast-paced, regulated industry, knowing how to manage inventory is the key to your success!
  • Do you know the financial health of your organization?
  • Do you know where you’re making the most profit?
  • Are you wasting money sitting on inventory that doesn’t move?
As an analytical storyteller, my emphasis is on the SCIENCE of Retail. I provide peace of mind because I'm using data to help your team make more informed , measurable business decisions.
Alyson MacMullan
Owner of Canabis Retail Advisors
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About Me

Alyson has over 25 years of successful experience working with globally recognized retailers as well as smaller independents. Alyson’s mastery lies in merchandise planning and inventory management for fast turning businesses, cash flow planning, financial analysis and modeling.

In early 2016 Alyson found Cannabis Retail Advisors to focus exclusively on the cannabis industry. As a dispensary owner, the greatest monthly investment is inventory. Alyson’s expertise is in the SCIENCE of retail. She delivers customized sales and inventory plans with an accuracy of +/- 3.5%. Without a doubt, the most effective path for a dispensary owner to take control of their business and stop flying blind is through merchandise planning.

Alyson also creates customized tools for cultivation teams so they understand very clearly how strains, rooms and harvests are performing.

Alyson graduated magna cum laude, has a BS in Finance and a BA in Marketing from the University of Denver.

Drawing upon 20+ years of retail merchandising planning experience for globally recognized brands, since I’ve been in the Cannabis industry, I have yet to work with a business that I can’t help find a way to improve!