Cannabis Retail Advisors specializes in growing cash flow and creating peace of mind for Owners of cannabis businesses.

Dispensaries • Product Cultivators •  Ancillary Operations • Investors •  New Licencees 

About Us

As analytical storytellers our emphasis is on data analytics. We dig into the numbers so you understand where to double down and where to cut your losses.

What we do is provide peace of mind. You will be able to feel secure knowing that we will find ways to continually make your business profitable and operating at peak performance.

Our Services

We have created proprietary analytical tools, audit reports, financial models and dashboards to design custom inventory and merchandise plans, open-to-buy plans, sales and cash flow projections. We also help your cultivation achieve higher yields through customized tracking and reporting that illustrates exactly which strains, rooms and harvests are yielding the most (or least)––and why!

After we pinpoint the key performance indicators in all business units, we meet to discuss our recommendations on actions to take––where you’re making money and where you’re not, we look at ways to cut losses, set pricing, identify where to allocate future spend for optimal ROI, gross profit, and sales growth.

"I have over 20 years of successful experience in merchandise planning with globally recognized retailers as well as smaller independents. In 2016 I founded Cannabis Retail Advisors to focus exclusively on the cannabis industry. My goal has always been to provide an easy to grasp analytical picture so key players can make better business decisions based on data. I have yet to work with a cannabis business that I haven’t been able to help in a significant way. I WILL find a way to grow your cash position!"

We Can Help You



Gives the Owner a clear understanding of what is helping or hurting the business.  The Owner will walk away with 3-5 specific action items that will increase sales and selling margin and reduce inventory investment


Buy plan (open-to-buy), by category, by month

A Buy Plan, or Open-to-Buy, ensures the Owner isn’t overspending on categories that aren’t driving sales or margin dollars, but also protects against missing sales by ensuring key areas are never understocked


Customized Pro-Forma for dispensaries or cultivation facilities


Formalized business reviews focus on areas to grow sales, grow selling margin, or reduce inventory investment (and of course stress)

Some of our accomplishments


We recommended strategies & actions that have helped our clients generate $35,000,000+ in revenue.


We train and mentor owners, growers, buyers, key management & team members


We revitalize struggling dispensaries and help them profitably turn around their operation


We enable companies to secure capital, and help identify opportunities for unprecedented growth


We forge strategic partnerships to strengthen market dominance and competitive advantages


We identify ways to grow the businesses’ cash position and alleviate the burden of having to monitor cash on a daily basis