The largest investment a dispensary makes isn’t staffing, branding, or marketing. ^1500 It’s the inventory.

Make your inventory investment work for you

Do you know which product is helping or hurting your business? Do you know how to take advantage of what’s working and mitigate what’s not?

We know you’re short on time, so we will analyze your data and focus your attention on the most meaningful areas of your business that are going to move the needle.  Numbers can be intimidating, especially when you’ve got a million other things needing your attention.  We’ll serve up the financial health of your business on a platter every month and give you action items to drive sales and improve cash flow.

Everything  we do is quantifiably measured.  For every action we recommend, we will be able to provide you with a report card on how well our recommendation worked.  We can identify what you’re doing well, and what you’re not and provide an actionable “to-do” list every month to either take advantage of your successes or mitigate your weaknesses.

We dive deep into the numbers so you don’t have to

Competitive Pressures

The industry is becoming more competitive and as a Dispensary Owner you are likely experiencing a tightening in cash flow. Now is the time to start harnessing the power of your data driven business decisions. Our expertise is diving deep into the numbers so you don’t have to. Are you circling back to analyze how your inventory investment performed or simply repeating what you’ve always done?

Unproductive Inventory

Most Dispensary Owners are sitting on at least 50% unproductive inventory.  That’s an investment that’s being wasted, or money that could be spent buying into merchandise with a higher rate of sale and margin.  We will identify items that aren’t making you money and provide an action plan to get out of that inventory as profitably as possible.

Customized Buy Plan

We can provide you with a customized buy plan, by category, by month, so you aren’t overbuying and wasting your money on product that isn’t making you money, or leaving sales on the table because you haven’t bought deeply enough into what is making you money


It seems as though most dispensaries are relying on heavy promotional activity to drive sales, stay relevant and be competitive. Do you know if you are generating enough sales to make up for the margin hit by promoting product? Are you even promoting the right product? How are you differentiating your promotions so they don’t get lost in a sea of sameness?

What’s your strategy to maximize cash flow?

We can create a custom game plan to help your dispensary thrive

Detailed Monthly Health Check

We provide a comprehensive assesment, by category, that defines how your inventory investments are helping or hurting you.

  • Deliver action items to either take advantage of opportunities, or mitigate problems
  • Ensure you’re buying into areas and products that will have the biggest impact from a sales and margin perspective, and identify ways to reduce cash investment where overbuying is occurring

Buy Plans - Category / Month

A Buy Plan, or Open-to-Buy, ensures that you’re not overspending on categories that aren’t driving sales or margin dollars, but also protects against missing sales by ensuring key areas are never under-stocked.

  • Sales are forecasted, by category, and will reflect any seasonality or major events (like 420)

Creative Promotion Plans

We identify unproductive inventory and provide creative promotion ideas to move through inventory as profitably as possible.

  • Effective promotion plans that reduce negative margin impact
  • All promotion plans are measurable and you’ll receive detailed analysis of how well the plan performed

Who are Cannabis Retail Advisors?

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